Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Place

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. She would have been 13. There is a space between the two boys I see, at times, as they walk, where she might have fit perfectly. There is a place next to me, when I sit with Maren on my lap and Chelsea's hands are on my shoulders, where she might have leaned into my side, just us girls. Her father's hand would reach at just about his chest, maybe, to smooth her hair as she hugged his middle.


We miss you, Kate Afton. I'm sorry we couldn't go to your grave.
But that's not where you are, anyway.



Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Kate! I cried as I read your post. Nathan was a twin whose mission is on the other side of the veil. They were identical, so I look at him and imagine seeing "two" of him. Sometimes when we kneel in family circle, I feel like someone is missing. I didn't know you lost a daughter. I'm so sorry. My heart breaks with yours...I experience a similar pain. Calvin and Nathan were born in May. I'm so grateful for the temple. It's my favorite place.


Becca said...

Love you Krista!

Krista said...

Suzanne, thank you. I didn't know Nate was a twin. I love the Temple, too. I feel so close to her there.

Becca, I love you, too!

Shelli said...

I will remember her birth day always. What a joyous day to look forward to seeing her again. We love you all!

bobbi said...

I had seen birthday wishes to her on your blog at the beginning of this month-- and had wanted to ask you when her birthday was. I almost asked you at the cookie exchange, but timing didn't seem right with all going on. When I was downstairs getting the kids at your home, I was looking at some of the pictures and saw one of your kids at her graveside and read on the picture the 17th of Dec. I wanted to say something again to you yesterday about it, but still didn't seem right timing. I am so glad you got to go with Jamie today-- I hope you had a good time. Thinking of you today and your sweet Kate. Love you guys.

Toni C. said...

Kristi - your post brings tears to my eyes. I have a very good friend who's baby was born sleeping a year ago on the 17th. Her pain is still so fresh, and I wish I could tell her it would go away soon... but I know that hole will always be there. Hugs to you and your family and your lovely daughter who left us too soon.