Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer, We Hardly Knew Ye

The kids start school next week. They told me I was mean for writing Hallelujah on the calendar, and drawing a little school bus chugging on down the road. Was that mean? I don't think so. Actually, neither did the seven year old. Of course, she is counting down the days to second grade. She loved my little bus. Yea for seven! Yea for school!
I have been thinking of my favorites of this summer. I can't believe it is coming to a close. We do have beautiful Septembers here in Cody, though. It is a wonderful time to visit. The colors come on slowly, and blend like a watercolor. Then it snows.
But back to this summer.
Loved the kids climbing on the statues at City Park, and Miniature golfing. I am, uh, not good.
Loved all the opportunities to take pics of kids washing the dog. For some reason, this amuses me. Maybe because I was doing it by myself, when I realized I have a house full of dog washers.
Loved the breathtaking drive over the Beartooth Mountains. 11,000 feet of Alp-ish beauty.
Loved camping with my Jensen family and getting to know my nieces and nephews better. I've decided the reunion needs its own slide show. Too many fun pictures!
Loved waking up to Brandon's smile and offered shoulder. It just doesn't happen much during the school year. I sleep too hard and he wakes up too early.
Loved re-connecting with my kids on down-time. Tennis has already started. Piano, football, and ballet are next.
Loved Shell and Trev coming all the way over and expressing their enjoyment every chance they got. ANYTIME, guys.
Loved Laura coming to stay with us and that she feels so comfortable here.
Loved getting such a positive response to the book. Loved that Chelsea is totally excited about it. Sweet justification (she has been very vocal about how much time I have devoted to writing).
We didn't get to do some of the things we wanted, but there is no going back. As a matter of fact, Shell called the other day about the Oregon Coast for next year. Yes. Yes, yes, yes!
Love summer. Sorry to see you go.

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Shelli said...

Thanks for letting us share just a small part of that summer with you. It was my favoritist part! :)