Saturday, June 06, 2009

Things Grow

I know that I have slipped in a few of my thoughts about gardening in Cody, Wyoming... how hard it is... how discouraging it can be, and how tricky it is to find what grows, and what might, and what does not at all. But today I went out with my youngest and we were reminded of the things that do well here, that survive the long long winter and negative temperatures, and burst forth at the slightest hint of sun and warmth. After putting together a couple of hanging baskets for the front porch, and three color pots for the backyard, I got the camera and took some pics of my hardy perennials. Very hardy.We still have lilacs.

Onion Chives, Sage, and the Thyme made it this year.

The American Cranberry Bush. Makes you feel patriotic just looking at it.

Our young flower bed. Thank goodness for Lupine.

I gave up on Roses this year. Peonies thrive here, though. Even pretty before they open. They moved, though. A hot pink blur.

Honeysuckle. Doing very well for its second year.

These Delphinium will pop in vivid blue and white any time now. See me in the gazing ball?

Love, love, love the bleeding hearts, and they love the cooler summers here in Cody, and the Coral Bells. The Shasta Daisies do, too, but I need to thin them down before they get huge and bloom. I'll be transplanting some of them to the side bed we made last year.

This is my arch nemesis. It is called Creeping Morninglory, but I have another name for it. This is what I do to it. Instead of using 2 oz. of the grass and weed killer to 1 gal. water , I have to use 50/50 to get this reaction. The first picture has already had one dousing. It needs two to look like the second picture. Even so, look at the green leaves out at the ends. If I pull it, if any root is left at all (and I have pulled out foot long roots), the piece sends out shoots and more shoots. No wacking this one up. You'll end up like the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

But let's end on a happy note. This is my gardener helper (she couldn't find her other glove, but made do. What a trooper). She also kept me dry when the rain began to fall and I was still assembling the color pots. Which I will post pictures of after they mature a little. Color pots look a little frazzled right after assembly. So do I. I think I will have some cocoa.
That's another blessing of cold weather. Cocoa almost all year round.


Anonymous said...

Hey, do you make house calls? I may be able to fake quite a few things but I have a black thumb, although I do appreciate beauty and your yard is gorgeous!

Shelli said...

Love the lupine! Your garden looks great, Kris! Did your strawberries come back? Those peonies are going to rock!

Gramma Spice said...

Oh, what pretty flowers..especially the beauty under the umbrella! Miss our lilacs..they were gorgeous this year. Dad just dug up a nice sized bush for Jenn and Mike's yard. The old ones are always sending up new shoots. Your yard is gorgeous..always evolving. I've been thinking about you..missing you all day. It was great to come here and see new posts. Love you, Kris. When do we get to see you again?