Friday, June 12, 2009

I Walk To Music

Time: 54:28
Miles: 3.44
Calories: 484.7

My B asked, "Why didn't you just finish out the half-mile?"
I told him, "Because my cool down song ended."

It was true. It was "Everything" by Lifehouse. Perfect cool down song. First of all, it's like, six minutes long. Second, I LOVE IT. It's the new theme song of my next novel. I just decided that.
I love it when older songs come back to you and take on a new meaning because of something you've experienced, or are experiencing.
Yes, I am one of those people who listen to lyrics. Story after story after story.
Sometimes I don't want to know the lyrics, and then I turn the station.
It is fun to hear my youngest walking around singing "Whoa, we're halfway there. Whoa, livin' on a prayer. Take my hand, and we'll make it I swear, whoa, livin' on a prayer..."
Or my oldest singing, "Tenderness... tenderness... where is it?" I used to bounce around and slam dance with my best friend, Laurel, whenever that song came on in high school. We thought we were so cool. Well, maybe not, but it made us happy.
Braeden and I learned the entire new Fray album by heart, singing together on our way to school last semester.
Jacob is always singing something. That's how I know he's happy. New, old, kid stuff, musicals.
I would have a hard time walking without my workout music. I don't know how people do it. I actually pull myself out of bed because I am anticipating the music, not the walk. It feels great when I'm done, though.
U2, Elevation. This song is the reason I should not walk in public. The groove gets me and no one should have to see that. Hooray, treadmill. Dance to it.
Muse, Super Massive Black Hole. Even if I am at the last of my three miles, and the sweat is trickling past my ear, this song hits, and I am attacking that 2.5 incline as if I have just started.
I have two leather beanbags that feel great in my hands. I grab them throughout the walk and throw some punches like Billy Blanks... jabs, uppercuts. I feel like Rocky. Whose theme song is on my B's workout playlist.
My point is, I am grateful for the rhythm, the pound, the drive, that gets my aging body going, clears my head, makes me reach. It makes me feel young. So does the pleased smile and thumbs-up my B gives me as he passes the treadmill, peeking at my time. And I mouth the lyrics to him, and his smile widens, because he knows exactly which song is on my MP3 player, and why my pace is hoppin'.
I walk to music.


Shelli said...

I identify! I look forward to the music when I workout more than the workout also. And, Supermassive Blackhole is my pre tennis match song. It pumps me up. When I am IN the match and need an energy spurt, I get that beat going in my head and mouth the words, and probably even dance out a bit of a rhythm before my next serve. I'm sure I look like a goof, but like gets me going!

bobbi said...

#1 Good job walking and grooving!!
#2 Good job growing things here in Cody (come help me PLEASE!!)
#3 HILARIOUS story about the bear and trail-- love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it. I can't live without my music - especially when the exercise gets difficult - there's nothing like moving to a beat. I really love the picture of you as Billy Blanks - you go, girl!

Karen said...

Thanks for motivating me to get my Ipod fixed. I'm going to get it fixed, program it with motivating energetic music, start walking everyday and lose 100 lbs. It's so simple!! And when it happens, I will get on the cover of People magazine, (one of their "Half their size" issues) and I'll thank you by name in the article! But first, I need some pizza. Love ya!

El Scrutable said...

Thanks for the Bon Jovi reference! My 7 year old also belts out "Livin' on a prayer" all the time. He even started in church once and got lectured. If he would only warm up to Night Ranger...maybe I would take him to their concert at Benton Franklin Fair on 8/28/09.
El Scrutable

Mercer Family said...

Just one suggestion. . .LEAVE THE TREADMILL AND GET OUTSIDE!! It is sooooo much better to have a change of scenery. That is the only thing getting me into running 7.5 miles! It was great the other day when I ran in the rain. I felt like a little kid. AAAAH. Give it a try!!