Monday, May 04, 2009

What I Wish, and What I Know

I heard an exciting rumor this morning about a new computer... I hope it's true.  And I still hope we get our pictures back from our old one.  Just a couple of wishes.
Speaking of wishes, I was able to attend a wonderful conference a couple of weeks ago.  A woman name Kylie Turley spoke to us about wishes, and how some wishes are just that.  A wish for comfortable, cute shoes... a wish for a good hair day... a wish for chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
Some wishes we can look and look and look for.  Some we wonder about (the wish for our teenagers to listen to us with awe and respect like they did when they were five).  Some wishes need faith, and hope, and hard work (if I plant my Wyoming vegetable garden, I wish everything I plant grows, but it would be better for my sanity if I just wished most things grew... a little).
And some wishes... that my grandpa had been able to meet my husband and my daughter before he died of cancer... that I hadn't taken that babysitting job in Spokane, so that I wouldn't have been driving home on that road and been hit by that car, and wrecked my back so I hurt every day... that my book will be published, so my other books will be published, so the book I wrote about our baby Kate will be published... are completely out of my hands.
But there are some wishes... That my teenagers will one day be done being teenagers all too soon, and love me with their words again... that my husband and children will meet my grandpa one day, and they will embrace as old friends... that my back will be made whole, maybe not in this lifetime, but at some point in this journey of spiritual and physical development, that is life and the hereafter... and that no matter what happens with these books, that I will get to hold my daughter, Kate Afton, again, and love her as her mother, and that my children will know their sister, and not be sad we lost her, and my husband will feel as though the hole in his heart for her will be filled... these wishes are possible, because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Some wishes, I know will be granted.
I know.


Gramma Spice said...

Beautiful daughter, beautiful wishes, beautiful faith. I love you.

Jessica said...

I so want to read your book about your daughter, Kate. Her name is beautiful "Kate Afton". I know you will hold her again.

Shelli said...

Sweet post Kris. I wish we lived closer! :)