Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Ever

Yesterday was busy. We moved my sons back into a room together so we could have the office and guestroom back, (and we know they just missed each other so much). What a lot of stuff they have! We reduced it WAY down. It was 80% school papers! At the same time, my daughter kept the laundry going, and then I took over when I needed to get out of the blue room. We got them moved in and straightened up, but it was a lot of time and work.
It was also my younger son's birthday. He shares it with his dad. We were already attending a youth activity that evening, so we had already planned to celebrate a different night. And it was okay, because all of yesterday, Jacob was able to spend the day with his 5th grade at the Thermopolis hot pools, and he said it felt like a celebration for him.
When we got home from the youth activity (where they sang happy birthday to my husband and had his name on a cake) we sang to Jacob and gave him his presents (he was okay with going to a movie with his friends another night, but still wanted his presents on his birthday) and he had a piece of leftover cake. He and his brother shot around the new Nerf dart gun he got, and pored over the literature that came with his new Banjo Kazooie game he got for the XBox 360, and then it was time for bed.
As I was tucking him in, feeling like I needed a free day to devote to my little guy who is fast becoming not so little, but knowing the weekend was full so we had to piecemeal it, I bent over him in his bed and he reached up and hugged my neck tightly. He kissed my cheek and let me go, saying, "Goodnight, Mom. That was the best birthday ever."
I stopped and looked at him, confused. "Really?"
He nodded, grinning. "Except for the luau in Klamath Falls." (he was 6)
I shook my head and kissed him. "You are so great, you know that?"
He nodded, still grinning.
It made my night.
Happy Birthday, my little Blondie. Can't believe you'll start middle school next year! Love you so much!


Shelli said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob. I guess the kids called him on his birthday...I am glad. I love that picture of you & Jacob, you look cute in your red hoodie. Busy day, but somehow kids know how much we love them...thank goodness!

Gramma Spice said...

I loved reading about Jacob's big day..and your day with Brandon. We have been sorta out of it...our house and lives were crazy, tiring, but fun the last four weeks Craig and Carrie and kids lived with us. Hug the birthday guys for Dad and I. Middle school for Jacob?!! Finished your books, Kris!!! Wow..SO good. Read the last one at Jackie's...needed some R&R. Call me some time!