Monday, March 24, 2008

Sharing Easter Sunday With You

listen to: How Sweet It Is

We spent Saturday in Greybull, where Doug and Erica had rented the Rec Center, and we roller skated and ate and laughed. It was really fun and very nostalgic, rolling along on the wood floor, dodging kids, helping out the little ones, and trying out tricks. My feet were so sore! Thank you, Jensens.
We had a beautiful Easter Sunday. Although we don't have tulips, or even daffodils, yet, the sun was shining and the mountains were glowing. I spoke in church, and tried to keep my legs from shaking. It was sweet, though, to see everybody there, smiling up at me. The other speakers, the music, and the rest of the meetings were full of the spirit of Christ. We came home and took all these pictures and it was just fun being together... a really great ending to a restful Spring Break.


wyomingerica said...

You guyes look fab, love all the pictures. I'm suprised Brandon got to be in some of them. Made it home just in time. Have a good week.

Shelli said...

Love all thos e cute pictures. The boys are hilarious, and the girls look BEEEAUTIFUL!!!

Krista Jensen said...

We have found about 10-12 plastic eggs since Sunday. Today I found a bright purple one sticking out of the geraniums on the piano and don't know how we missed it. Chels opened the drawer to the coffee table and I asked if there were any eggs in there as she was about to close it, half joking. She paused and let out a whoop...there were 2! She got up from the rocking chair the other day and I pointed out that it looked like she had done some laying... 2 plastic eggs. Maren has found a couple in her room, Brandon found a few, and the boys each found one. At least we counted and found all the hard-boiled eggs!