Friday, September 08, 2006

Recover Post

There is a button above the window I am typing this in called "Recover post". I thought that was a good title for this entry. This is my "Recover Post". Six weeks after moving to Wyoming, we are now hooked up to the rest of the world via cable. We have television, computer, and phone. Cable, cable, cable. I am not sure why, but they were running a special and my husband said, "this is what we want", and my response was something like, "I don't give a hoo-haa, just get me the internet." I know, its very sad. I did not miss T.V. one dot. But we have moved from a bunch of people who mean a lot to me, and the internet allows me to feel a great deal closer to them. Not to mention I can now look up what kind of bedding Target has on sale.
The last few weeks have put my previous entry, and my rantings about hope, faith, and works, and my very sanity, to the test. I will take greater care in preaching on this site, as the powers that be apparently think I should practice what I preach. As we were buying and moving into the house we are now in, the sale of our previous home fell through, not softly or with apology, it fell with shattering, in-your-face, exploding bombardment. To put it in a few words, the buyers lied and lied and lied some more and it finally all came out in the underwriting, and they still want the earnest money. Somebody get me a dictionary, I want to look up the word 'earnest'. But, we have done what we could with what we have been given, and we are loving our new home, and our new realtor, who is showing our old house and being very positive. Who would have thought the need to ask, "Are they U.S. citizens?", when that offer arrived back in July? Guess what... we will be asking it now. Hooray for the western folk of Cody, WY and their hospitality, concern, and generosity. It was a huge support when the bottom fell out. We love this town! Check out the link to Cody Chamber of Commerce. It is great! Recover Post complete.


Jessica said...

Sounds like you have been having quite an adventure! I'm so glad you like your new home. How are your kids adjusting to the new life?

Krista said...

The kids are doing very well. Maren started ballet lessons today, Braeden has his first football scrimmage tomorrow, and Jacob has a best friend, and loves scouts. Chelsea is trying to figure out how she fits into her middle school peers ("I don't really want to be part of the popular group, but I am NOT a geek!")and is being positive about sharing her room with Maren until we finish the basement. They are all going through their different levels and phases of adjustment, but they seem to be very pleased with the move. Whew!

Shelli said...

Yay! It's so good to hear from you. Been thinking of you guys a lot. Tanner is going through withdrawals. But keep on exploring your new surroundings so when we come, we can get the full tour!
Need to see pictures of your new home too!