Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happiness is a Warm Basement

I am down in our basement, listening to the footsteps and voices above me, and it reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa A.'s house...basement sounds always will. The hide-a-bed was down there, pulled out and tucked in with 5 or so blankets. Shell and I would snuggle in and listen to the adults' muffled voices, punctuated with laughter, and guess who was walking from room to room, following the creaking floors. Grandma would come down and start a load of laundry and we would fall asleep to the rhythm of the washing machine swish. Now, my kids are cleaning up the dishes after dinner, singing, laughing, teasing, yelling to each other (or at each other), and generally being happy while they work. These sounds, I like. They evoke feelings of coziness.
Speaking of cozy, we had a cold front come through and had to turn the heat on. Fall is now in the air, and it is 7:30 and getting dark. I am ready! I am anxious to pull out the sweaters and Maren's winter clothes and fill the front closet with coats! Jacob went out back, briefly, in his shorts and t-shirt he threw on after church, and proclaimed as he came back in, "We need a firepit!" I happened to agree and we will look into that. We went to Braeden's first football game last Thursday and snuggled and cheered. Knowing the weather was turning, I got to painting our front door tomato red (a project I had been wanting to do) before it got too cold to paint. I think the shutters (black) may have to wait. We will see. There is plenty to do inside, as we have a full basement to finish. I will be busy all winter long. This weekend I tackled the boys' room, the only finished room in the basement. They love being down here, but their room is all pink, from the previous owner. The trim, ceiling, closet, everything, pale, Pepto-Bismal PINK. I think they must have set a paint bomb in there and run. SO, I have been promising them I would remedy it. I spent most of Saturday painting the closet and trim white. Two coats. Maren helped with a little sponge brush and painted "MAREN DJGNRISOSHN" on the wall, which she translated to "MAREN CAN COME IN". Obviously, she loves the basement, too. Her room will be next door when it is finished. She just came by with an empty plastic bowl and a clean paint brush, "painting" the house. I must have made an impression. Well, we aren't done yet, as those pink walls and Maren's grafitti will need to become a pale gray blue. I love having plenty to do, and time to do it! Something about Fall..the Ants and the Grasshopper... getting ready and storing up, there is a busy-ness and purpose, an urgency that thrills me. A goal to be cozy as the winter hastens. There is so much coldness in the world, of all kinds. The least I can do is provide a haven, a warm, safe respite for my family. And a blue bedroom for my boys.


Shelli said...

I love autumn too! You painted the perfect picture of it with your words.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to come and see your new home. Know that you will make it just that...warm and inviting as you always do. Will see you some time tomorrow night, hon. Can hardly sait to hug the kids....and their amazing parents.
Love you,
Mom...fall is my favorite season!

Anonymous said...
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