Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Leavenworth

It's a good day for memories. Leavenworth, Washington is a little Bavarian-style village about an hour and a half NW of Yakima, nestled in the Cascade Mountains. It's a fun little escape with restaurants, fun little shops, bakeries, museums, architecture, all surrounded by gorgeous views. Here are a few pictures of us at Octoberfest just last year.

When I was a little girl and living in Kent, our family would always spend a few days of summer camping near Leavenworth, and making a trip into town to look around. I especially remember the toy store, the Christmas store, and the bakery with the cinnamon bread loaves. Mom would buy a loaf and bring it back to our campsite, slice it up and slather it with butter. We'd spend the afternoon wading and splashing in the Wenatchee River. Some of my favorite childhood memories are tied to that place.

When we moved from Kent and the "West side", we found other favorite places to camp in the Blue Mountains. And then I grew up and moved farther and farther away, making memories with my own family in Oregon, then Wyoming. But now we're back. We live in the middle of Washington, so just a little west of us are the Cascades, and just a little east of us are the Blues. And after I don't know how long, Leavenworth is again one of the places I get to visit, and one of the fun places in Washington I get to introduce my kids to. And what do you know? They love it!

Thanks for the beautiful day, Leavenworth.

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