Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Break in Seattle Part IV: The Final Post, I Promise

It's hard to believe that we did the waterfront, the aquarium, and Pike Place all in one day, but we did! Then we headed up to Lynnwood, exhausted, to eat a late dinner and sleep in our hotel. We spent the next morning at a family fun center and then we headed home . . . kinda.

Brandon won our golf game and Maren came in second place.
I lost.

They had arcade games and a go-cart track, too. The go-carts were awesome
but I didn't get any pictures because I was laying rubber.
 After the fun center we found a place in the hills just north of Seattle called Red Mill Burgers for lunch. Our GPS took us through all these back-road cool-old-homes neighborhoods and Brandon was going nuts thinking we were lost and I said, "Just trust the GPS," and lo and behold, the restaurant solidified before our very eyes as we crested the top of a very steep hill. We ordered inside the retro joint and ate outside on  picnic tables. Again, we couldn't have asked for better weather. The burgers were scrumptious.

Then we were off!
Bye, Seattle! Thanks for the fun!

But we weren't finished. 

We stopped at the Seattle Temple to stroll the gardens. Have I mentioned how gorgeous the weather was? And things were already blooming here, so that was extra sweet.

Everything smelled beautiful. Good stop. Brandon had great ideas this whole trip.

And we still weren't done!

We made a little stop in Issaquah. Because chocolate.

And then we traveled on to Cashmere, where we found some of our favorite people. Lucky us.

Those are my parents.

That's my sister.

These are some of our offspring.

And that was our Spring Break Seattle trip! Pretty cool for two days, huh?

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