Saturday, July 09, 2011

Spring Into Summer

This spring held a lot of main events for us. I attended an amazing 3-day writers conference in SLC. Maren turned 9 years old and about 3" taller. Easter was fun and sunny, but cold. Chelsea attended Prom and wowed her date. Then she had the nerve to graduate from LDS Seminary and Cody High, and my parents came for the event. Oh, and Jacob turned 13 and Brandon turned forty-something. In-between all that, I got an ear infection, and Brandon had a gall bladder attack.
It rained so hard we couldn't plant the vegetable garden until the 2nd week of June, so we only planted short season crops. Yay, turnips and radishes! Kinda.
Braeden left us for 3 weeks for smart camp at UofWY, and Jacob enjoyed a week of band camp, blowing his horn. We did a LOT of yardwork.
But then vacation time came and we spent 3 days in Denver playing hard at the Zoo, Imax, and Elitch Gardens.
Then the sprinkler guys came and dug up our yardwork to install the UG sprinklers we've been longing for. Yay, automatic timers! Brodie saw the nice men digging up the yard and decided it looked fun, so dug up our vegetable garden. Fortunately, he left the zucchini and tomatoes alone. Not that they have time to produce anything.
THEN, my sister Shelli and her family came to see us, but that's going to be it's own blog post.
But summer is finally here and as I've said before on this blog, Cody summers are just about perfect. Enjoy the pictures!

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