Monday, March 21, 2011

In An Alternate Universe

Yesterday I received this email from my oldest, Chelsea:

you havent blogged in awhile. here ya go! :) what a good lookin family...

Momma (uh, thank you)


Thanks for the post, Chelsea!

It's kind of weirding me out.


Gramma Spice said...

Chelsea, you're funny...but the look-a-likes were great. Love you all!

Malerie said...

Haha. This is so funny. I actually see a lot of similarities in a lot of these! What a handsome family!

Shelli said...

Ha ha! Nice Chels! Now do us! :) JK

jill said...

Wow! Really nailed Brandon and you!

Chelsea Lynne said...

Here ya go Shell,
Trev - Kevin Costner...or Austin Powers ;)
You - Giada de Laurentiis, duh.
Rach - Caroline Wozniacki, I agree.
Tan - JBiebs with new haircut. hahaha
Sky - Mairi Ella Challen (young Alice in Alice and Wonderland) or Abigail Breslin.
Gracie - ...Elle Fanning? I dont know. Toughie.