Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Pictures! Finally.

Well, so far my plans to devote more attention to this once thriving blog have fizzled, BUT I finally found the camera (okay, I finally went downstairs and retrieved the camera from the computer desk) and brought it up here to my office/laundry room, where I hang with my laptop. So, I'm going to post some pictures of the holidays. Okay, go.
This is lovely.

It's Christmas Eve!

Christmas Jammies.

Brodie making himself comfortable.


Merry Christmas! Are you ready?

Where's Chelsea?

No sleeping in on Christmas morning. No.


Nothing like a cute pair of boots to help you wake up.
We had a very fun, low-key holiday. I actually wasn't wishing for school to start back up when it was over!

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Gramma Spice said...

Love seeing the kids.. and that pic of you and Brandon is darling. Great boots, Chels.