Monday, December 06, 2010

Hint Hint

It has been pointed out to me *coughAndycough* that my blog has been lacking. Shame on me! I have already made one New Year's Resolution: TO GIVE MY LITTLE BLOG THE ATTENTION IT LOVES. But I guess SOME PEOPLE can't wait until the New Year. And why should you? After all I have pictures to post and stories to tell and news to share.
Now, if I could just FIND THE TIME. And the usb port for the camera . . . it seems to have drifted off somewhere . . .  a-HA, found it.
Okay, first we have some pictures from the BYU/Wyoming game. It's just me and the girls. The guys had seats elsewhere. It was rainy and fun and worth the trip. Thanks for the tickets, Danny!

 Then, Halloween came and went, and we decided to cram all of our furniture into the dining room for a week.

And THEN, Chelsea had the nerve to turn 18. Oy. And we decided to cram all our furniture into the living room.


And because I was cooking and Brandon was entertaining our friends, the Johnstons, we have ABSOLUTELY NO pictures of Thanksgiving! Yay, us! (boo) But we had a great time. We really missed our family, though.
Next post: The "after" photos of our upstairs redo, and Brodie the big black dog!


Chelsea Lynne said...

it's about time! thank you. love love love this :)

Shelli said...

I agree with Chels! :) ...and "coughAndycough". More! More!

Annette Lyon said...

Your daughter has fanTAStic taste. :D

(Hope she enjoys it!)

Gramma Spice said...

Love the new you are enjoying them and the warm yellow color in the living room. I'm missing the gold in our FR and may get out the paint rollers again! Brodie is so big! Beautiful dog. Glad you got the box. Did the kids save some of the cookies for Brandon??