Monday, July 19, 2010

Comments From the Car

It is time for another rendition of COMMENTS FROM THE CAR. This year's installment was recorded during our trip from Cody, Wyoming, to the Oregon Coast, roughly a 16 hour trip.

*listening to "Live Like We're Dyin'" by Kris Allen*
B: You can do the Macarena to this.
K: Heeyyyyy!
*Macarena then performed by the adults in the front seats, making the teens in the back squirm uncomfortably*

B (to a very slow camper trailer): This trailer is going 30 miles per hour in a sixty-five. I could moonwalk faster than this guy.

Mare-Bear: (rummaging through the treat box): I want some Bugles.
K: You've eaten too many Sunchips. You're fine.
Mare-Bear: But they're getting crushed. We need to eat them.
K: They're fine.
Minutes later....
Mare-Bear: Can I have some Bugles now?
K: No.
Mare-Bear: Why not?
B: Because sometimes you don't get what you want right when you want it.
K: We're preparing you for life.
B: Life is not a bag of Bugles.
*adults nod and grin, pleased with our lesson*
Minutes later...
Mare-Bear: Can I please have some Bugles? They're getting crushed to bits and pieces... I have a point, you know.

SmileyB: Why did the elephant cross the road?
Chels: How?
SmileyB: Uh... let's try that again. WHY did the elephant...

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