Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Other Blog Is A Cookbook

I just wanted to announce the opening of my new blog, Taste Of Blue Sky. You may recall me mumbling something about getting a cookbook done. Well, I have decided to put all that work onto a blog. I would still like to do a book down the road, but I am very excited about this venue, and just getting the recipes out there. So, check it out, copy, paste, print it out, and get to eating! And tell your friends! It is still under construction, but I will be adding to it all the time. Eat and feel better!

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Linda (Grandma J) said...

Hi! Thanks for your "cook book" blog. I just checked it out and will definetly be trying the recipes on it. I also love healthy cooking and trying to stay away from processed food. This was the first year in years we've had a garden. We finally got a fence built to keep the deer out. It was fun to get to read about some of your interest. If you don't remember who I am I am the one that carved the Santa ornament you have. Good luck with your recipe blog!