Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Well, I was thinking, as I too often do, about what my New Year's Resolutions are. In my day-to-day busy work, a few things have come to the forefront of my mind, and my husband has assigned me one. My in-laws gave us "The Money Makeover" to read and learn from, and for a few days, as Brandon read it first, every time I walked by he would say out of the side of his mouth, "You need to read this book." He isn't doing that anymore. But I am going to read it and I look forward to what I can learn from it. So, here is a list of my Resolutions, in no particular order, because maybe if I write them here, I will do some of them.

1- Stay within my budget so we can go to Disneyland next year, and so Brandon won't stress out over money.
2- Sort through our "storage" and prepare for a yard sale in the spring. Be ruthless.
3- Finish my cookbook.
4- Be slower to yell, and maybe not yell.
5- Start running again.
6- Work on shyness towards people I don't know well. Start with smiling more readily.
7- Build up food storage.
8- It wouldn't be a New Year without trying to be better at remembering birthdays...although my Mom-in-law's was yesterday and we forgot. Great start, eh?

There you go. Not too bad. I am sure I can tackle these.


Braeden said...

Hi, this is Braeden and I'm not sure how you are going to respond to this but I now have my own blog. He he!

Braeden said...
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Braeden said...

Sike! Kidding. Just wanted you to jump!

Krista said...

Yes, you are so funny! You were going to be in big trouble, Mr., considering we just talked about that!

Jessica said...

I think making New Years resolutions is a great thing. I do it every year and usually accomplish at least half. Each year I've made less and less so that percentage would go up. But trying to do better is so important. It keeps us alive and happy. Thanks for sharing your list.

Gramma Spice said...

The one about going through stored things is great. We've been doing it for a year on and off and it feels good. We've been tackling Dad's about a pack rat! Found things in there that are 20 years old!.. had to keep promising him that we would buy some new cool things, and that worked. Now he loves his new clothes. I've heard that if you are getting low on storage area, you're actually hoarding too many things. Feels good to "unhoard". :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,

I found your blog in a weird sort of way...I was on Joel and Lila's blog, and Aunt Janie made a comment about something they wrote ( I didn't even know she had a blog) but anyway...after clicking on hers, I found Doug and Erica's blog and then yours and Becca's. I really enjoyed reading this blog. You wrote some things that really touched me and made me think a little about some things I would like to change in my life...nothing drastic, but just becoming a better wife, mom, person, etc. Thank you for writing your thoughts down...they toched my heart. I'm glad you guys are doing well. Chelsea is so grown up! She is the only one of your kids that I really remember that much. Anyway, someday I will sit down and get one of these blogs going...they are a nice way to keep up with family.

Melissa (and Darwin) Jensen

Krista said...

It is great to hear from you! We were just talking about you guys and Hawaii, and we saw your fun family pictures at Erica's. Thanks for saying those nice things. We hope your family is doing well on the island!

Trev said...

I try to start my resolutions at the end of November, and have them in full force by January. That way, the ones I am able to keep with are more of a habit. I like your goals, Kris.

Leon and Janie said...

Your resolutions are inspiring! There are some that I need to work on. What Kind of cook book are you working on? The picture on your blog of the kids playing twister is one of my all time favoites. I love the look on Chelsea's face. I copied it and put it on Grandma Strassers digital picture frame. I love the little angels too.

Leon and Janie said...

It is good to hear from you! Thanks for setting me strait on who was playing twister. Grandma is probably wondering who those kids are. do you have a family picture on your blog?

Shelli said...

I think my favorite is the one of the kids playing Twister too! :)