Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When You Become A Costume

Once again, we are shown the wonder of mountain weather and the truth to local folklore that it will snow just before or on Halloween, every year. It was 68 degrees on Monday, and the forecast said 58, and I fell for it. Ah, well, can't say it isn't beautiful! For my song about this phenomenon, set to the tune of a holiday favorite, click here. Fortunately, unlike last year's 7 degrees, it was a balmy 38, so no worries. The snow was gone by 3 p.m. As you can see, the kids really enjoyed their costumes this year. Chelsea won a prize for Best Use Of Accessories. If there had been a prize for Dressing Most like Your Parent, she would have won that, too.Chelsea, 2007
Kris and Shell, 1986-ish


Shelli said...

I LOVED the costumes! So creative! I really laughed at Jacob's and Chelsea's just kind of scared me. Didn't I go to high school with her?

Gramma Spice said...

Great job with the costumes, as usual! I loved that you posted you and your sister's 80's pics, too. What fun memories...and weird clothes! Braeden, you could have fit right in great with our "hip" costumes this year...your old groovy grandparents and our afro haired grandson..canyadigit? Loved "Sweetie Bird" and Albert...too clever...Solid... Rock on! Hey, Maren,we both look like Geena Davis...does that mean you look like me and I look like you??? I'd be very flattered! :) Love you all!