Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just One Appreciated Freedom

We are taking a trip. As I check off the items on the packing lists I print out anytime we go anywhere, the butterflies in my stomach dance a little more. I have always loved traveling. I remember when I was just little, sitting up stretched towards the window, as far as my seatbelt would allow (my parents were a couple of those rare few in the 70's who insisted we wear seatbelts and used carseats) watching the scenery go by, searching for deer in the trees, bears lumbering, a glimpse of Bigfoot. I knew we would see rare snow on Snoqualmie Pass and we treated that section of the trip like a real treat, sometimes stopping to throw a snowball and take a picture. Seattle was wet and rainy, mossy, rarely snowy. Of course, it was beautiful. But rain, snow or shine, I did love to venture out on a road trip. I just always have. I sit and watch the world pass by, change from hill to plain, forest to desert, mountain to sea, sunrise to sunset, all while our own little bubble of life continues in much the same manner as it does at home, only on wheels. I like that we all have to get along in such a confined space. We have time to ourselves, reading, listening to headphones, looking out the window, and there are times of interaction, discussion, singing, laughter, arguing, games, and there are times to eat together, enjoy a treat, a simple meal on the move, or a picnic at a rest stop. Life goes on and hours go by and we find ourselves at the Oregon Coast! The Puget Sound! Crater Lake! San Francisco! The Grand Tetons! Colorado Springs! The Battle of Little Big Horn! Mt. Rushmore! Fredricksburg! The Smithsonian! Niagara Falls! "Hey, Kids! We're home!"


Anonymous said...

bigfoot huh?
hahaha! lov ya! ~chels

Shelli said...

You laugh Chels, but in our childhood world, Bigfoot WAS real!!! He scared us as he watched us from behind many trees in the forests near our home.

I love roadtrips too, Kris. Can't wait to make a trip to Cody!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kris... you make me homesick for my little kids and the trips you mentioned that we made together. Remember the signs we hung in our VW van.."Snack Time", "Quiet Time", etc...or waking up in a soggy bottomed tent in Gettysburg? That was quite a downpour. You were all good travelers, thank goodness! Now we have an excuse to make some trips to an unexplored (for us) part of the country...Wyoming. We used to complain after breaking up a fight while traveling that it would be so much fun to travel without the little ones some day...hmm...would do it all again if we could, even with the fights. We loved our little troop.